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Since I’ve started using the Resilient Female Bands Set, I’ve seen significant changes in my legs and butt! I mean my legs are getting toner and stronger, I’m even starting seeing definitions and my butt has a nice round shape to it lol :) Because I’m a mom of 2, it’s easier for me to do my workouts at home. What I love the most is that I don’t have to workout longer! I do the same routines (ex: lunges, squats, etc.) BUT with the bands. IT’S A WIN WIN FOR ME! Same exercises with better results. The RF Bands Set is definitely a great addition to my home workouts accessories.

I was looking for affordable and good quality resistance bands and I found them!! I love the Resilient Female Bands Set! 3 different resistance levels in one set, definitely great for the money! When I do my workouts at the gym, they don’t slip and roll because they have grips on the inside!! Plus, they are so cute!! I love the nude, pink coral and mauve colors combination. They go super well with my workout outfits. You know, still wanna look cute at the gym ;) They are PERFECT for me! Can you tell how excited I am!!

I travel a lot for work and I’m always on the road. I was looking for ways to improve my fitness lifestyle and that’s when I discovered the Resilient Female Bands Set. I’m so glad I bought them! I can be at any location and get a good workout in with those bands. I started with the Light resistance and now I’m at Medium. I really like that they included 3 levels, it helps you track your progress. This set is now part of my travel essentials: my clothes (of course), my passport, my makeup, and my RF Bands set. I always bring them with me now.

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